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What we can offer to you

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We offer a large amount of in-store samples

We carry every type you are looking for. This can range all the way from premium Hardwood, to durable luxury vinyl planks, all the way to beautiful carpet patterns. We do not skip out on tile, either!

What is everything?

Being made out of real wood, it brings warmth and atmosphere to a room. 
The befits of this flooring type is it can also bring a high resell price to your home. This product it is not waterproof and can be scratched and damaged easily
Although a bit higher priced than our other products, you are still going to be happy with your decision.
This product is made from real wood just like the regular Hardwood, and just like regular hardwood it can be damaged and scratched easily. Unlike regular Hardwood, it comes in larger planks and can offer better humidity resistance.
This type of flooring is good for an all-round build. LVP is waterproof, highly durable material, very affordable compared to other options. A downside to this flooring is that the patterns and texture won't be as lifelike. 
LVT flooring, (luxury vinyl tile), is the ideal combination of everything a commercial flooring product should be. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and visual looks. It can mimic an authentic-looking real wood or stone.

A introduction to what each flooring type is so you can pick what would suite you best.

Tile can be a great option over traditional flooring. It comes with many unique patterns and shapes. We offer two types: ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic will be the most affordable, but porcelain will not break, chip, or crack under stress.
Carpet is still a good option for a room. Many new designs and patterns and colors to choose from. There are also additional underlays to go under your new carpet. This can offer a firmer feel or even some water-resistant.


This product can be as durable and scratch resistant as LVP, but like LVP it can struggle to recreate lifelike wood textures. It is an affordable flooring that can still bring out the best in a room or hallway.
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